Teaching experience:
UW Madison:
Economic Forecasting, Spring 2020; 2021; 2022 (undergraduate)

Economic Forecasting is a rigorous course in modern time series and forecasting methods, with econometrics and statistics as prerequisites. Students learn about modeling, estimating and forecasting trends, autoregressions, seasonality, unit roots, cointegration, and volatility.

Mathematical Economics (Math Camp), Fall 2020; 2021 (graduate)

Math Camp is intended for incoming Economics PhD students. It surveys mathematical techniques used in economic analysis; real analysis and linear algebra are emphasized.

Yale University (teaching fellow):
General Economic Theory: Microeconomics, Fall 2015; 2016, Spring 2017; 2019 (graduate)
Intermediate Microeconomics, Spring 2016 (undergraduate)

New Economic School (teaching fellow):
Game Theory, Winter 2013 (graduate)

Moscow School #57 (teaching fellow):
Evening math study group, 2007 – 2008 (middle school)